Plans for seven new homes to be built on land in Burntwood

Plans have been drawn up to build seven new homes on land in Burntwood.

The land earmarked for housing in Burntwood

The land earmarked for housing in Burntwood

Developers want to put three-bedroom houses on the site at the junction of Cobbett Road and Cannock Road next to the Burntwood Business Park.

The land has previously received planning permission for an office block, but it is now hoped that homes could be built instead.

A statement supporting the application said: “These proposals have been developed taking into consideration the surrounding built environment and existing site constraints to provide a proposal which sits sympathetically within its natural and built environment and causes minimal social impact.”

For full details on the proposals visit Lichfield District Council’s planning website.

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  1. Tea-BAG

    9th August, 2017 at 9:29 am

    Not been many comments on the Burntwood News lately, where are y’all?

    Anyway, to the news. It’s fantastic to see some progress in the town. We (the town) have seemed to have stalled in terms of moving Burntwood forward to the 20th Century. Health Centres, Businesses, Schools, Buses etc etc, all of them are going and yet we do nothing. The Tory council are more so event planners then a town council. I’m sure the Events Committee is the most regular to meet.

    As for town housing, it’s a tricky issue for anyone who wants to be elected. For some weird reason many greys believe that “Burntwood is big enough already” and that “the greenbelt protects us from Birmingham overflow”. Council happily relish their sentiment that Burntwood should stay the same and not evolve into anything better.

    If any citizens read this, and/or follow local news, you may have heard of a group called BAG: Burntwood Action Group. This group of greys are trying to force in their own ideas onto the town, to which their Tory friends (who rely on their votes) happily say yes too. Some ideas of theirs are: Shut down failing businesses at Sankeys. Move the doctors at Sankeys elsewhere. Vinegar Factory to be moved on the edge of town. Take unused private land and build on it.

    This group was born from a ‘Protect the Greenbelt’ movement, and is now submitting ideas that will hollow Burntwood out, so houses can be built anywhere, as long as it’s not on the greenbelt, or where the group members live. And what makes this worse is that (since we have an ineffective council) these ideas are being adopting by the council into the town plan.

    Anyway, nice new homes.

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