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With the death of Mick Eccles fresh in the memory and a community trying to convince us that the problems are being hyped by the national media, I saw first hand over the weekend that Lichfield’s troubles are as bad as ever. The incident in question saw a gang of youths gathered outside a Bird Street fast-food outlet and throwing some of the most vile racist filth at the staff and issuing threat after threat – leading to the arrival of three police cars and an ambulance as trouble flared. The youths were all aged around 15 or 16 and were clearly under the influence of one substance or another. Given everything which has happened in the past week or so, you have to ask the question of the part parents play in the scene I witnessed on Saturday evening. People aren’t stupid. They must know that their kids are hanging around the streets and they must surely smell the alcohol on them when they finally return home. And with the death of Mick Eccles, surely they must take a greater responsibility on knowing where their little princes and princesses are. Perhaps it’s time for the parents to be punished for their misdemeanours of their kids or a curfew be introduced? One thing’s for sure, if nothing’s done then another Mick Eccles situation WILL happen – I saw the evidence of that from the mouths of those vile, racist youths in Bird Street.


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

6 replies on “Will these young scumbags never learn?”

  1. That’s early I though it would have been much later.

    I am at a loss for words that this sort of things is going on this early and frustrated by the lack of any real approach to tackling it.

  2. I don’t think anyone is saying that things couldn’t be better, but get some perspective.

    I’m horrified about this incident and even more so when I heard how early it was!

    Lichfield, as a whole is a nice safe place to live. Incidents like the one you describe are vile, but few.

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