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Not content with being irritating for their uselessness, Police Community Support Officers in Lichfield are now showing they can’t ride a bike properly.

Recent conversations with folk from the Cathedral City have revealed one mountain biking PCSO failing to use any arm signals when turning, almost causing an accident, while another has word of an irate motorist telling the PCSOs what he thought after they didn’t break in time and bumped the back of his car with their tyres.

Anyone else still think PCSOs are anything other than a joke? Nope, thought not.


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

2 replies on “Check your mirror for PCSOs”

  1. A lot of the frustration around PCSOs is because they’re called “Officers” which makes the public believe they are like Police officers. They’re really not, they were never meant to be. In fact, the concept behind them is a really good one but the politics of introducing them has put a dampener on their effectiveness.

  2. I think there’s also a lack of consideration as to who they appoint. Many of them (from my experience) have an over-inflated view of their powers and the job they’re there to do.

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