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As misleading topic headers go, this one’s probably right up there.

I’m not talking of the place of course. In fact, the residents seem quite friendly (apart from those who seem to have missed the parking safety section out of their Highway Code).

What I’m actually miffed about is the Streethay Village section of the Alrewas and Fradley with Streethay website. The site is a continuation of the glossy mag that comes through the door on an infrequent basis.

It’s a commendable idea and could have been a good way for parish councillors to interact with the people they represent.

However, it’s not gone un-noticed that the site hasn’t been updated for quite some time. Now if I wanted to play mischief maker I’d say it hasn’t been updated since the tails went between the legs of some Lichfield decision makers and the ridiculous 24-hour use of a new industrial unit site was approved, despite promises that it would be opposed.

Obviously, it’s more likely that the people behind it just can’t be bothered to update it.

However, that’s a pretty feeble excuse. I’m one man and a dog and I manage to update this site on a more regular basis than they do. Given that they have greater access to information than I do, I think it’s fair to say that the site is a pretty poor show.

There’s not even an opportunity for discussion (surely the point of such a site?) as the Guestbook gobbles up posts and dumps them into a black hole waiting for approval. I’ve had tax rebates quicker than comments published on there.

There is some good news on the events front though. After all you can all join me in my Tardis and journey back to December 21 to attend the forthcoming Streethay Carol Concert.

If those who can’t handle the responsibility of handling this site, how’s about they hand it over to the people in the area who a) have time to update it, b) have an interest in updating it, and c) have the interests of the area at heart – not just an interest when it suits.


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.