Lidl sign
Lidl sign

Remember a short while back when I forecast problems with the new Lidl store on Eastern Avenue?

Well guess what? I was right.

Eastern Avenue was choc-a-bloc at various stages on opening day today with cars queued up from Trent Valley island as cars waited to get into the car park.

And to add to the problems, the under-sized car park (another forecast) meant there wasn’t enough room for those visiting the store.

Surely the issue of parking and the impact it will have on traffic in a key route around Lichfield should have been considered when planning was granted for the store?

I don’t imagine it will be long either until local residents complain as the side roads become rat-runs for people desperate to avoid the congestion caused by Lidl.


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5 replies on “I was right about Lidl”

  1. And if there’s a parking complaint to be made then there’s a good chance I’ll be making it! ;o)

  2. I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of having to pass the Lidl store twice today. The traffic was at a standstill on both occasions with obviously no spaces in the tiny car park & clueless parking attendants directing people round & round in circles.
    If this continues, i agree that the side roads will serve as a much easier through route to all.

  3. It’s that side road thing which might actually get something done about it all. Wouldn’t it be nice if the decision makers realised what the rest of us do BEFORE they let something like this go ahead?!

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