You see a lot of strange things when you’re driving, but seeing the convoy of drivers coming off the A38 onto the Burton Road at Streethay warning oncoming traffic of a speed van lying in wait baffled me more than most. 

Site of the speed camera on Burton Road

Streethay residents have long been complaining about the speeds at which drivers exit and enter the A38 making the Burton Road nothing more than an extension of the slip road. So far there has been a temporary ‘do you know how fast you’re going?’ sign and there are now plans afoot to put a crossing in.

But what is really needed on this stretch is a good-old GATSO to bring speeds down, especially given that for some residents there is no safe crossing point for the walk towards Trent Valley before the path ceases.

In the meantime though, it was nice to see the speed camera van in place even if only as a deterrent. But quite why drivers find it acceptable to ‘warn’ others of the presence of a safety device is beyond me.

Do they warn these morons when they see them doing 50mph-plus outside the playground on that stretch? No, because that would take more than the singular braincell.

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5 replies on “Drivers sticking together is a safety hazard”

  1. Surely reduction in speed is why the van is posted there? Does it matter if speed is reduced when people see the van or when people flash their lights.

    If I went around flashing everyone I thought was speeding I might as well just leave my lights on all the time.

  2. I’m not suggesting that people should flash everyone, I’m more asking why they feel the need to flash someone when there’s a speed camera van.

    Seeing the van there is a short-term deterrent – you might slow down for a day or two on that particular stretch. Being caught by it is a long-term one which could slow you down full stop were it to move you within a couple of points of a ban. And therin lies the difference for me.

    If someone feels the need to speed then they take their chances. They don’t the drivers’ alliance to help them get away with it.

  3. I’m just glad the they are finally doing ssomethimg about the speeding there. I can still remember living on Burton Rd when the limit was 40mph. Trying to get out of the drive was the first major task of the day. I’m still surprised that no major accidents happened with the close-by playground and all.

  4. It is good they are at least doing something but these temp measures aren’t a solution. I would be scared to death of using any crossing on Burton Road I wouldn’t know if anyone was going to stop or not.

  5. I used to spend ages sitting at the end of Meadow Croft after having seen the lady friend waiting to get out and go home. At that point of the road it’s not just the speed, it’s the fact that at anything above 40mph is moving too quick… you have to put your foot down for fearing of being side-swiped.

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