Lidl trolleys. Pic: Robert Wallace
Lidl trolleys. Pic: Robert Wallace

I did it. I finally went to see what the planet Lidl was all about, given that the world and his dog appeared to be trying to get in there. If you’ve ever been to Aldi, you’ve already experienced it, because there doesn’t appear to be any difference.

The first thing I noticed was the lack of parking, especially for parent and toddler spaces (I counted two).

The second thing which sprung to mind was the thousand and one trolleys outside. Now, having ventured inside to sample their strange mix of foreign brands and home-grown oddments, I can’t quite see a time when all of these trolleys will ever be needed. I don’t actually think there’s any room for them all inside the store at any one time.

Lidl also has that problem for those of used to normal supermarkets. They don’t do baskets and you’re not given time to pack items into bags so you end up doing some strange It’s A Knockout type thing trying to carry your shopping between the till and the little shelf at the end of the store.

Even the bill failed to offer up any reasons for the mad dash to enter this new world of shopping, so it’s quite hard to find what Lidl is actually bringing to Lichfield.

I’ll probably leave it to others to queue for an underwhelming shopping experience such as this in future.


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2 replies on “The Lidl experience”

  1. I’ve been in there as well as it’s only 5 mins walk away (Good job considering the lack of parking!) might be good for a few bits and bobs, and sometimes there’s a bargain in those non-food sections in the centre of the shop, but otherwise nothing to write home about. I may well use it from time to time, though some of that is because it’s so close to me!

  2. Well, well…

    After years and years of waiting the Germans are finally introducing English / American style supermarkets with lots of space, a wide selection of articles, good service and smiles. And what do you do? You have Aldi and Lidl erected in Lichfield. Is this all part of the theory that for every pleasure you experience somebody else has to suffer to even the balance?

    However, wait for their special offers on electronics and seasonal products and you’ll be in there again, I bet!

    All the best from Kraut-Country,


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