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Image courtesy of jmilles
  Before you ask, it’s not about intelligence and it has absolutely nothing to do with Roald Dahl. A “Twit” as they (we) are affectionately refered to is someone who tweets on the increasingly popular micro-blogging service, Twitter. You may have heard the likes of Jonathon “@wossy” Ross, Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) and Channel 4 News (@channel4news) talking about Twitter. I’ll leave you to Google yourself silly about what Twitter is and go straight to Tweetups (oh, did I mention we like our Twitterisms?) A Tweetup is a meetup of folks co-ordinated through Twitter. Often Tweetups are created along some common interest or cause. For example, there was a recent global Tweetup called Twestival which aimed to raise money for charity. Well, the Tweeps behind The Lichfield Blog are having their own little Tweetup. So if you’re a Lichfield Twit, or live nearby, why not join us? We’ll be meeting on Tuesday 10th March at The Bowling Green. We’ll probably start around 8:30pm and continue until our thumbs are sore from tweeting! In the meantime, you can follow the discussion about our Lichfield Tweetup on Twitter search.

8 replies on “Are you a Twit?”

  1. I’ll be there with my knickers in the air (that last bit may be untrue).

    Do I need to wear a carnation or carry a copy of the Times?

  2. I hope to be there.

    I’m still having a debate with myself whether attending a Tweetup vindicates my Twitter usage as I’ll be meeting real live people or if it just makes me an even bigger geek. It’s a moral maze, it really is.

    I don’t think you’ll need to wear a carnation, Sammy J. I knoe what you look like – I see you hanging around Market Square on a regular basis. You’ll be able to spot me (@iancovey) as I look much more like my avatar below and less like Frankie Howard…

  3. Sammy, I expect you and everyone else to look EXACTLY like your avatar at all times.

    I have already booked an appointment at the tanning salon on Monday afternoon to get myself a slight sun burn for the occasion.

  4. I have my hair in rollers as we speak.

    And telling Mrs Sammy J I was going out for a drink “to meet some blokes off the internet” wasn’t easy, let me tell you.

    I do feel however, that I will need some sort of signal. Perhaps Ian could bring a whistle?

  5. I should be there! Know what Sammy J means about telling others you’re off to meet ‘some blokes/girls off the internet’ has a few connotations! Bit nervous as well meeting people who I’ve only ever interacted with via a keyboard and 140 characters!

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