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Michael Fabricant MP
Seems I wasn’t the only person who was a bit underwhelmed by Michael Fabricant’s Twittering. Guardian columnist Simon Hoggart has also put the boot in over on their website. However, I do feel that at least my criticism was constructive (even if Mr Fabricant didn’t see it as so). Mr Hoggart’s efforts were typical London media snobbery – if we don’t understand it, rubbish it. Before launching into his jab at our MP’s efforts, the Guardian’s man says:
As an open-minded Luddite I often think carefully about joining these online networks before deciding, no, why waste the time? (There are some upmarket Facebook-type sites now which you’re supposed to join, not to share pictures of yourself in a state of inebriation, but to discuss the arts, the economy and the future of the planet. I can’t be doing with them either.)
Anyway, I do hope our beloved MP will bite back at Mr Hoggart in the same way he did at me.


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

10 replies on “Michael Fabricant’s Twittercism – part two”

  1. I should have gone for that Digital Engagement gig…

    Don’t Hoggart’s comments support Fabricant’s argument though? That it’s a waste of time because it’s full of toilet break talk?

  2. That’s one way of looking at it, but I still maintain that, when used well, it could be a valuable way to interact with younger voters, many of whom politicians would give their right arm to be in touch with.

    The post was also just to highlight Hoggart’s ignorance to the whole thing as much as anything. At least my views were constructive (although not everyone took them that way).

    And there’s the argument that if it’s not doing a job for you then why not do something else with the time if seconds are such a precious commodity?

  3. My tweeting is getting me into trouble! First the excellent Lichfield Blog, then Simon Hoggart in the Grauniad, and now the Independent on Sunday has criticised me for giving away ‘secrets’ during the Conservative 1922 Committee meeting where I revealed that Liam Fox (the Shadow Defence Secretary) had told us that there are now more planes in Hendon Aircraft Museum than there are in the RAF. The Independent think I should be expelled from the Conservative Party!

    (No doubt that would please the intellectual ‘deepinder’. Would that then make me ‘above vermin’? Oh dear. Sad.)

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