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Ever the digitally engaged, our friends at Lichfield District Council have asked today on Twitter,
Hello tweeps! We’re thinking of introducing bin collection reminders via Twitter, would you use this and would you prefer @ message or DM?
I was quick to express my preference for @replies, not DMs but it seems I’m in the minority with several people asking for DMs. As some tweeps asked though, do we really need to be reminded to put our bins out once a week? Is it really that hard? I have to admit my memory even on something as simple as putting the bin out is pretty poor. It’s not like I can claim old age either, so maybe the odd DM would help. It certainly can’t harm, can it? My only reservations would be about implementation. How would the ‘DC know when to DM me? Would I have to register? How would I do that? How long will it take? Will I have to follow them? Am I going to sleep tonight pondering these questions? What do you think? Nice pro-activity or just idealism? Will it work, will you use it, do you want it?

One reply on “Tweet your trash”

  1. a reminder would help me.

    I think the wife sometimes doesn’t bother reminding me its bin night just to underline another of my short-comings!

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