Londond Midland train. Pic: Ben Coulson
London Midland train. Pic: Ben Coulson

Bad news if you’re planning to head out and about on the trains from Lichfield Trent Valley either today or Monday as industrial action on London Midland services is likely to cause disruption.

Some conductors from the RMT Union have gone on strike in a row over Sunday working, a move which London Midland have criticised in a statement:

The RMT appears to be determined to cause disruption and uncertainty to passengers over issues that date back 10 years. It is particularly disappointing that passengers face disruption because of agreements which date back over ten years and which the RMT is choosing to make an issue of now.

The rail operator has said it is determined to run the fullest possible service but passengers are still likely to experience delays.


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3 replies on “Industrial action disrupts Lichfield Trent Valley services”

  1. Conductors.. who needs ’em! They’re just passengers with a uniform on.
    I say replace them with a private security company like G4S – then fare dodging would become a thing of the past ;-)

  2. Who cares how old the issues are?! If they’re legitimate issues they should be dealt with. London Midland just sound like they’re trying to shirk their responsibilities as an employer. Added to their non-compliance with DDA they’re not looking good in Lichfield at the moment…

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