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Take care if you’re planning a stroll through Streethay today because roadworks on Burton Old Road are forcing motorists to mount the pavement.  
Roadworks in Streethay
At the near end of the roadworks (pictured above) the barriers jut out so far that drivers of larger vehicles can’t fit through. Obviously roadworks have to take place and because the road is so small it’s inevitable that vehicles may have to mount the pavement, but there would surely have been room on the other side of the roadworks to give pedestrians a safe place to walk? But instead of this they’re forced to take their chances on the pavement as I found out for myself on an early evening stroll last night. That such minor works can cause these sort of problems is yet more proof that this route is not suitable for the 24-hour access industrial units which have been approved for the far end of the road.

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5 replies on “Streethay roadworks put pedestrians at risk”

  1. A car mounted the pavement just in front of me as I walked down Wheel Lane earlier this week.

    It was nothing to do with roadworks, the driver was just an idiot.

  2. Being a civil engineer for a midlands firm that deal with roads I can tell you that this contractor is breaking the law. A minimum of 3m is required for all traffic if this can not be done they should apply for a road closure. At all times pedestrians should be segregated from traffic with barriers to prevent injury and death.

    Report them to the local Highway Athority and demand an inspector visits the site.

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