A Mr Neil Morton (a quick Googling threw up an Architectural firm but nothing more) has applied to Lichfield District Council to convert an empty shop front on Wade Street into a wine bar and restaurant.

The application is for a simple change of use so I’m guessing it’s the empty furniture shop next to the late Couch Potato.

The agent involved, GMP Designs, specialises in bars and nightclubs so expect the end product to be an up-market Apres-style digs for the Yuppies of Lichfield.

I know what to expect in the comments but, what do you think about having another bar in Lichfield? Do you think there’s the market for it in the ‘current climate’? Do you dislike the increasing trend towards shops closing to be re-opened as bars and restaurants?

Of course, you can always comment on the application on the Lichfield DC web site.

3 replies on “Lichfield gets a wine bar! Maybe…”

  1. My mate used to own one of those ‘exclusive city centre apartments’ above couch, it was very, very swish.
    Anyway.. It’ll be interesting to have another place for the pikeys with money to go to other than apres.. I’m thinking another whittington arms?

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