Rev Patrick Comerford
Rev Patrick Comerford

It’s often difficult to judge somewhere that’s right on your doorstep and that’s definitely the case with Lichfield.

There’s so much to complain about (as readers of this here blog will know!), but it’s easy to forget why so many visitors make the journey to the city every year.

One such person is Rev Patrick Comerford, a former writer at the Lichfield Mercury, who now runs his own blog from his base in Ireland.

It turns out he’s been back to Lichfield recently and has put together a great introduction to the city, as well as highlighting why it has such a special meaning to him.

Rev Patrick told The Lichfield Blog:

“It was wonderful to return to Lichfield for a few days last week. Although my family connections with Lichfield are dim and distant, and it’s many years since I lived or worked in the city, it remains home from home and I love being able to get back two or three times a year.”

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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LichfieldBlog (Lichfield Blog)
14 years ago

Looking at Lichfield from the outside: