Reports are suggesting that teaching jobs in Lichfield could be lost due to a cash crisis in Staffordshire.

An article in the Express & Star has claimed that the equivalent of 14 full-time teaching jobs will be lost across eight schools in an attempt to balance the books.

It’s time to worry if we’re at a stage where education becomes the place we turn to in times of financial crisis.

Surely at times like this we need to be giving our youngsters the best opportunity possible to learn key skills as they head towards an employment market which shows no short-term signs of bouncing back to former glories and will be more competitive than ever?

Quite how Staffordshire County Council can justify this move is difficult to fathom. Can it really be the case that all other avenues of cost-cutting have been exhausted?


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  1. My daughter`s Child Development teacher (Netherstowe High School) is about to be made redundant. My daughter has really enjoyed her Child Development and I know that the teacher has been a good person for my daughter to talk to when she has been upset.

    Some children need subjects like Child Development so why are good teachers of enjoyable subjects being given the push?

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