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Congratulations to the clever clogs who thought the junction at the site of the Tesco redevelopment in Lichfield didn’t need temporary traffic lights.

Contractors have been working to remove the small traffic island in recent weeks ready for a new traffic light controlled junction.

But by not putting temporary traffic-control measures in place at the weekend, they managed to produce a scene of chaos as cars pulled out from all directions without knowing who had right of way.

Just wandering past the junction there were more than a few close shaves to be seen and it’s difficult to comprehend just why nothing was done to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians during a busy weekend in Lichfield.

But given the lack of thought that’s clearly gone into the approval of such a superstore in such a busy part of the city, is it surprising that common sense was lacking over the weekend?


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4 replies on “Tesco junction in Lichfield needed temporary traffic lights”

  1. When planning all works on a public highway, plans must be submitted to the local Highways Authority, in this case I believe it to be Staffordshire Highways Authority. These are approved before any work can commence.

    I the case of the Tesco junction temporary traffic signals are not allowed due to the proximity of the traffic lights at the Rotten Row/Birmingham Road junction and those at the Hospital. When the new lights are commissioned they will be tied into the same networks and phase with the existing sets, something temporary traffic lights can never do which could potentially cause queues across both junctions.

    I have only lived in Lichfield for a short time and yet I found the original roundabout was dangerous with many cars diving across the flow of traffic with impatience and little care for others. It sounds that the weekend was no different and yet no worse.

  2. The weekend was worse because there was nothing controlling the traffic from any direction.

  3. I drove across that junction on Wednesday and realised that because there were no markings on the road, anyone coming out of Tesco would have to push their way out unless cars along the main road gave way out of courtesy.

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