You might think the grocery delivery bike died out with Open All Hours, but one Lichfield supermarket is bringing the tradition back to the city’s streets.

A Waitrose delivery bike

Waitrose have rolled out the delivery cycles at four stores across the UK, including their Darwin Park branch in Lichfield. If the scheme is successful more will follow.

The bikes feature chilled trays in a trailer at the rear which can carry 20 bags of shopping to the homes of customers.

The scheme is aimed primarily at shopping ordered on the internet and the firm believes each environmentally-friendly cycle will carry two or three deliveries at a time.

Introducing the delivery bikes is the latest phase in the supermarket giant’s eco-friendly attempt to win customers. They’ve already introduced trailers which can be borrowed by shoppers to pull their own shopping home.

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2 replies on “Supermarket puts delivery bikes back on Lichfield’s streets”

  1. I think this is a fantastic idea. I only wish I still lived in Lichfield so I could work as a delivery biker!

  2. Well, I don’t think I’d fancy pulling a fully laden trailer up some of Lichfield’s inclines but good luck to them!

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