Screenshot of the new look Lichfield Blog
Welcome to the new and improved Lichfield Blog! It wasn’t so long ago that we changed the design of the blog for the first time. Since then we’ve grown to have more contributors and to cover a lot more news about Lichfield than ever before and we’re still growing! We figured that our old design just wasn’t up to the task so we went out and got ourselves a new design. Now we can feature the most important news on the home page all the time. That way whimsical posts like Maureen the Turkey Duck won’t get more prominence than the real issues like Minarets or Money. There’s some more interactive features included, too. You can now see how many times a post has been read as well as the number of comments. On the right hand side of each page you’ll also see a “Hot Topics” box which includes a list of the most talked about stories (click on “Most Discussed”). There’ll be more interactive features added to the blog as we improve the design. The blog is based very much on citizen journalism, which means it’s Lichfield folk that are writing the blog. That’s why it’s important to make sure that Lichfieldians can interact with it too. It’d be especially great if you let us know what you think of the new look. Love it, hate it, don’t mind it, think it needs improving? Tell us! On that note, we are still looking for new contributors. If you’d like to write for The Lichfield Blog, please e-mail us at or tweet @LichfieldBlog and we’ll talk.

2 replies on “The Lichfield Blog gets a makeover!”

  1. Still can’t believe how far this site has come in such a short amount of time and it’s all been down to the people who are behind it – the people of Lichfield.

    Well done to you Phil for your sterling work on dragging the site through from a simplistic design to this and thanks to Nick for his great work on the identity of the site.

    But a massive thanks goes out to the Twitterverse who are the real creators of this site. Let’s hope the ideas, contributors and great tales keep coming.

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