People aged over 50 are being invited to join the debate at Lichfield District Older People’s Forum.

The meeting on April 21 will feature key speakers and a range of local issues will also be up for discussion at Emmanuel Christian Centre in Netherstowe.

Jane Bax, part of a multi agency task group set up following the tragic death of a resident of North Lichfield in January will be present to explain what the group has been doing, and to listen to any concerns from people attending the forum, while Martin Hunt, the Benefit Assessment Manager from Lichfield District Council will be there to give a brief overview of benefits to make sure people are taking up their entitlement.

The final speaker will be Jeff Woodall from Lichfield District Council who will be able to explain what’s happening about on street parking in the District, now that the Council has taken on responsibility for parking enforcement.

Melvin Madeley, Chair of the Older People’s Forum said:

“The aims of the Lichfield District Older People’s Forum are to help people speak up for themselves, and influence decision makers on matters which impact on their everyday lives. We welcome this opportunity to find out what services are available to older people in the district, and to find out what we can do to influence them!”

The Forum is free and open to anybody over 50 and there’s no need to book. Anyone  who has difficulty getting to the meeting can contact Chris Stanley at Lichfield District Council on 01543 308737 to see if any transportation is available.

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3 replies on “Guest speakers at Lichfield District Older People’s Forum”

  1. Sorry to raise this, because the article itself is over a year old, but I’m just curious – to those more experienced in the world of blogs than I, how come this article on a small event which I think had only twentysomething people attending, has attracted such a high number of viewings on this blog?

    It’s had the highest number of views (25,688 at the time of posting this) ever on this news blog, and I just don’t understand why…?

  2. This meeting was aimed at people like me.Why was it viewed but not attended?
    Too much trouble.Why do we not claim certain things – too much trouble.
    When you get older things which you would do in seconds take mins those that took mins take an hour!
    Lots of things a younger person would take in their stride are so bad for us – it is easier to stay in the same four walls.
    For example wheelchair access (not toilets) should be available ,within certain criteria, at most modern shops.
    I would much prefer if the law allowed the shops to put up a sign “We don’t want you” rather than let us in and make it all but impossible to move around to look at the goods or (better) make access easier for us.
    These days even crinklys can use a PC – a lot easier than going to a meeting.
    I accept we have to make ourselves heard but who is listening.
    Just look at the paving in the centre of town.Who dreamt up a half inch curb?A supposedly pedestrian area – why not have the “curb” a different colour and level?
    The road area is so rough with large (dangerous?) holes after this short while .If the supermarket was as dangerous some one from the council would have sent them a warning but because its the council nothing is done.The car park at the top of three spires is still (2yrs?) closed .How long will it take to make a decision on the multi story car park.Surely a decision does not cost much!!

  3. That’s all fair comment, but what I was trying to understand, is what is it about this article that has attracted such a comparatively huge number of visits compared to other articles on the Lichfield Blog?

    It’s not the only article mentioning the tragic killing in North Lichfield last year. So why the big number of hits?

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