Motorists using the A38 near Lichfield are being warned to expect evening delays over the next two weeks as resurfacing takes place.

A 50mph speed limit will be introduced between the Barton Turns and Alrewas junctions, with the closure of the access to the southbound carriageway at Catholme.

The work is being carried out overnight to avoid major disruption to drivers during peak hours.


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4 replies on “Drivers warned of roadworks on A38 near Lichfield”

  1. Does anyone know why the A38 between Lichfield and Bassett’s Pole has had one lane coned-off on both the North & Southbound carriageways? This has been in place for over a week now with a 30 mph speed restriction and no visible sign off any work being carried out. If it relates to the resurfacing being carried out further north this is very Irritating indeed, especially as it means I have to use the Toll road to avoid being late. Call me cynical, but I can’t help thinking that this may have been a consideration when the decision was made as to how much of the A38 to cone off???

  2. I can see no visible signs of work taking place on this road, either. If the work is only being carried out at night in order to minimise disruption, why are the cones still up during the day? Surely the disruption is caused by lane closure and it doesn’t make any difference if they’re working 24 hours a day on the lanes which are closed. If they were to work around the clock, then the work would be completed sooner and we could all get back to a reasonable commute in the mornings.

  3. I recently drove right through Germany. Road works there are only coned for a couple of hundred metres each side of the actual work site – why must we have these interminable miles of cones with nothing going on?

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