Ballot box. Pic: Anthony Karanja
Ballot box. Pic: Anthony Karanja

The list of candidates for the county council elections have been published.

The elections take place on June 4 and eight councillors will be elected to represent Lichfield and Burntwood.

If you want to cast your vote, the Lichfield District Council website has a map with the polling stations on.

Full list of county council candidates:

Burntwood North
Eric Nathaniel Drinkwater (Labour)
Max Rea (Liberal Democrats)
Steve Tranter (Conservative)
Colin Byng Waldron (Independent)
Burntwood South
Paul Dudley Atkins (Independent)
Brenda Lilian Constable (Conservative)
Steven Gerald Norman (Labour) 

Lichfield City North
Edward Blacksmith (Green Party)
Marion Patricia Bland (Liberal Democrats)
Eileen Cope (UK Independence Party)
Alex Steven Sproule (British National Party)
Alan White (Conservative)
Tony Wilkins (Labour) 

Lichfield City South
Peter Harry Cope (UK Independence Party)
Albert Cromblehome (Green Party)
Terry Finn (Conservative)
John Anthony Smith (Liberal Democrats)
Mark Neil Taylor (Labour) 

Lichfield Rural East
Margaret Ann Dittmer (Green Party)
Matthew Clyde Ellis (Conservative)
Geoff Franklin (Labour)
Ian Andrew Jackson (Liberal Democrats)
Lichfield Rural North
Janet May Eagland (Conservative)
Hilary Diana Forrester (Green Party)
Stuart Leonard Stockdale (Liberal Democrats)
David Peter Whatton (Labour) 

Lichfield Rural South
Erica Jean Bayliss (Conservative)
Neil Fuller (Labour)
Celia Fay Lepla (Liberal Democrats)
Debbie Mynott (Green Party) 

Lichfield Rural West
Noele Butler (Green Party)
Keith Arthur Lepla (Liberal Democrats)
Frank Lewis (Conservative)
Elaine Mary Moore (Labour)


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