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Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant has moved to distance himself from the scandal surrounding MP expenses. Labour and Conservative MPs have been caught up in the scandal which was sparked by Daily Telegraph reports into a variety of claims made by politicians – including money for workmen to change lightbulbs, mock Tudor beams, the clearing of a moat and the upkeep of swimming pools. But Mr Fabricant has re-assured his constituents about the state of his own expenses claims. He said:
“I know full well that many of my constituents are concerned about the misuse of MPs’ allowances and expenses.  For the avoidance of any doubt and, frankly, as I do not wish to be tarred with the same brush as Government ministers, I thought it might be helpful to set the record straight. I have never used the device of ‘home flipping’, that is changing the home on which to make a claim – nor any other technique – to maximise claims. “My main home is in Lichfield and after I was elected to Parliament I bought a small flat near to the House of Commons on which I claim an allowance.  In fact, because of low mortgage rates, my home in Lichfield currently costs more to run than the one in London on which I make my claim.  For the sake of clarity:  I only claim on the London flat and do not claim on any other property nor for any swimming pools or moats (not that I possess either). I am not a Londoner and if I were not an MP, I would not have nor want a flat there.  It goes with the work.  It also has to be said that the expenses I have claimed on that flat only cover a part of the actual costs of my staying overnight in Westminster. “I wouldn’t advise anyone to enter Parliament for the money!”
Last year, Mr Fabricant’s expenses were the 569th least expensive out of 645 MPs.


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  1. Dear Micheal
    , that is very good to hear and reassuring. I am sure there are many decent MP’s in Westminster, bt i am afraid that the dishonest ones need cleaning out, or all M.P’s will be tarred with the same brush. Perhaps you could encourage the oines that are caught to come clean and be honest about waht they have done. To find out waht some have done, but then to see them on TV blaming everone else, including the fees office adds insult to injury. Lile most people i cannot afford a £730 massage chair, or a £2000 T.V.

  2. on meeting you on a lads night out many years ago,iwas very impressed with the way you handled yourself allthough i am not a tory supporter, i think as far as lichfield is concerned you have been an exellent mp. and i am glad to see you hav,nt had your nose in the trough like some other cross party mps.keep up the good work.

  3. Just because Mr Fabricant came near the bottom in a list of parasites doesn’t make him any less of one himself. The money he’s claimed in expenses for his Westminster flat simply isn’t justified in any circumstances and would have been better used in providing services for residents – particularly those outside the boundary of the ‘so-called’ city of Lichfield where he’s never been seen.
    Parliament is a sham and has now been demonstrated to be, the whole setup needs a rethink and all these MPs who are calling for change (after being found out) are just lowering public’s opinion of politicians even further.

  4. Paul Jones is wrong. Michael Fabricant has often been seen in my village outside Lichfield. I’m glad to see his expenses are near the bottom of the list and I may consider voting for him at the next election.

  5. I agree with Paul Jones. Although Michael’s overall expenses are low, for which he should be applauded, he’s right at the top (joint 1st) of the list for second home expenses. I asked Michael via his Facebook page why this was the case – given that he was elected in 1992, if he brought his ‘small London flat’ at this time, the mortgage payments should now be fairly low. I asked if he has re-mortgaged in order to release equity for his own benefit and to keep the claimable, tax payer funded mortgage interest payments at a high level. I’ve had no response other than to mysteriously find myself no-longer ‘his friend’!

  6. Scans of his expenses have been published, and the claims he made for accountancy services related to self assessment tax returns (over £2000 over three years) are questionable.

  7. I agree with the comments by Jon and Gareth, the ongoing clampdown on mp’s expenses shows that as much as he tries to present a respectable image he’s complicit in a culture where blatant wasting of taxpayers money – such as exorbitant claims for daily expenses are permitted for example – is totally out of step with other parts of society – with or without a so-called ‘credit-crunch’ mp’s perks are (and soon to be ‘were’) excessive.

  8. I note that on his election leaflet he calims to be completely free of any expenses scandal. The comments on this page say otherwise. Nice of him to kick you off his friend’s list Gareth! That speaks volumes.

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