Christine Cole from Lichfield District Council with her recycling

A project which converts all Lichfield residents’ aluminium drinks cans and foil into fruit trees in Malawi, is reaching a key milestone – with the count about to take place to find out how many trees will be grown next year.

Not for profit organisation, Alupro, grows a fruit tree for every tonne of aluminium drinks cans and clean foil Lichfield residents recycle. The programme aims to encourage everyone to recycle more and to help build sustainable lives in rural Africa. Fruit trees help halt deforestation, improve nutrition and encourage trade in rural economies.

More than 250,000 trees have already been grown in recent years in the UK and Africa thanks to recycling efforts across the country.

Geoff Furber, founder of British charity Ripple Africa which manages the project in Malawi, said:

“I’d like to thank recyclers in Lichfield District for supporting our work, while boosting the amount of aluminium recycled in the UK. The more you recycle, the more fruit trees we can grow, and since June 30 is the date the tonnage is counted this year, please make sure you’re recycling as many drink cans and clean foil trays as you can!”

Christine Cole, Recycling and Streetscene Officer for Lichfield District Council, added:

“It’s amazing to think that by simply putting your aluminium cans and clean foil trays into your recycling bin that you are helping communities in Africa. This is a great programme and we’re pleased to support it.”

Recycling aluminium is twenty times more efficient than making it from the raw material bauxite. For more information please visit or

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