Michael Fabricant MP
Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant has conceded that many people will be “disappointed” following the statement by the Speaker of the House of Commons. Michael Martin has come under fire from politicians and the media in the wake of his handling of the MPs expenses scandals. There had been speculation he would stand down rather than be forced out when he made a statement to the Commons today. But despite the pressure on him, Mr Martin made no mention of his own future, instead concentrating on how the House of Commons could move forward from the scandal. He added in his statement to Parliament:
“Please allow me to say to the men and women of the United Kingdom that we have let you down very badly indeed. We must all accept the blame and, to the extent that I have contributed to the situation, I am profoundly sorry. Now each and every member, including myself, must work hard to regain your trust.”
But Mr Fabricant admitted that the Speaker’s words will not have done much to ease the pressure on him. Speaking after the statement to the House of Commons, the MP for Lichfield said:
“Many Members of Parliament and observers outside the House of Commons will be disappointed – after everything that had been ‘leaked’ over the weekend – that the Speaker gave no indication whatsoever as to how long he intends to remain in post. I do not know how this matter will now develop over the next few days; the situation in Parliament is fast moving, damaging and unprecedented. “As for the motion calling on the Speaker to resign, it is for the Government to decide if it is debated.  However, if a large number of MPs across parties sign this motion then I believe it should be debated on the floor of the House without delay. “In any event, this Parliament has died.  A fresh Parliament must now be elected.  Parliament needs to be dissolved and we need a General Election to be called so the people of our nation can decide.”


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