A Lichfield man has been fined for dropping a cigarette butt.

Twenty-three year-old Sam Engola, of Dimbles Lane in Lichfield, was found guilty of littering and failing to give his details after being caught in the act on May 19. 

Tamworth Magistrates’ Court heard how Lichfield District Council’s Environmental Health Officers had spotted Mr Engola throw a cigarette butt on the ground when they patrolled the area in January. 

As he refused to give his details, the council officers called the Police who were able to identify Mr Engola.

Mr Engola did not attend the court hearing, and in his absence was found guilty of littering and failing to give his details. He was ordered to pay an overall fine of £265 for the two offences (including a victim surcharge of £15) and court costs of £465.

Helen Spearey, Strategic Director of Community, Housing and Health, said:

“This case shows how seriously we take littering. However, it should be noted that had Mr Engola given us his details, we would have issued him with a fixed penalty of £75, and he could have avoided being taken to court.”


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5 replies on “Lichfield man fined for dropping cigarette butt”

  1. I presume the council do read the postings related to them.
    Well Helen show us how seriously you take this fine – has it been paid?

  2. Colin, I’m not sure whether that information would be given out on a case-specific basis. You’re best bet is to try and get in touch with Helen Spearey.

  3. Some muddled thinking here. The fact of the fine – which I support – and the payment or not are two separate things. A fine is not ‘next to nothing’. it stays on your record.

  4. Richard do you think any one bothers that someone has had a fine? How many drivers have a fine? No one bothers.Even some police staff have worse on their record.On the other hand the honest people have been forced to pay court costs – witness costs – police costs – collection costs – shall I go on!!The fine IF PAID is the punishment.
    What do you think is the “muddle”?
    Phil – i already know most fines are not paid – we the honest people have to pay all the costs.

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