Steve Pearce holding one of the dog poop warning signs at Stowe Pool

Lichfield dog owners are being urged to pick up after their pooches.

The warning comes from Lichfield District Council as part of the annual Dogs Trust National Poop Scoop Week event, which runs from June 22-28.

The council’s Environmental Health Officers will be stepping up their enforcement activities, patrolling local dog poop hot spot areas and issuing penalties of £80 this month.

Councillor Ben Adams, Cabinet Member for Community, Housing and Health, said:

“If you are out walking your dog, please remember to clear up any mess and put it in one of the many dog waste bins that are dotted around the district. Also, if you see a dog fouling hot spot, report it to us by calling 01543 308725 or by visiting”

The council will also be putting up hundreds of signs across the district to warn dog owners that they must take responsibility for their dogs and clear up after them – under the new Fouling of Land by Dogs (Lichfield) Order 2009.

Clarissa Baldwin, Chief Executive for Dogs Trust, added:

“We believe every dog owner has a responsibility to pick up after their dog. It’s such a shame that a small number of dog owners put dogs in a bad light, as there are millions of responsible owners and well behaved dogs out there. Through National Poop Scoop Week we aim to raise awareness of this issue and encourage the minority of irresponsible dog owners to do their duty, making public spaces cleaner and more pleasant for everyone.”

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