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Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant believes the new Speaker of the House Commons will “grow into the position”. Conservative MP John Bercow secured the position after winning 322 votes while Sir George landed 271 as the election went to a third and decisive round of votes. He succeeds Michael Martin as the Speaker after his resignation in the wake of his handling of the scandal surrounding MPs expenses. Speaking to The Lichfield Blog, Mr Fabricant said:
“John Bercow won decisively – the House has spoken. He will grow into the position, but has taken on the role at one of the most difficult times for Parliament. I wish him well, not only for his sake, but also for that of Parliament and for our nation’s democracy.”


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

10 replies on “Lichfield MP says John Bercow will ‘grow’ into the role of Speaker”

  1. “The house has spoken”, thank you Mr Fabricant for your insightful reading of Mr Bercow’s promotion.
    Isn’t he just a labour stooge given the role because it wasn’t thought proper for a third consecutive champagne Socialist to get the job?
    By the way you are still needed on the “expenses blog” ….it would be greatly appreciated if you could return and reply.

  2. Mr Fabricant do you think the speaker should be elected by the people, is this appointment a little like the prisoners electing the prison governer?. You cannot be trusted with your expenses why should you be trusted to appoint someone to change the system.
    I presume the labour enquiry is being run by people sympathetic to the MP’s.

  3. Hope it is Ok to change the subject but MR Fabricant could you get Christine Cole (Lichfield residents urged to cut down on food waste) to reply to the questions on the site she contributed to?

  4. Mr Fabricant has an email address and postal address – the comments section of an online newspaper is not the place to attempt to make contact.
    He does reply to messages through the normal channels.

  5. Dear “unconcerned citizen”
    Are you truly saying that the comment section of an online newspaper is NOT the place to contact him, if you check his postings on the site they are all very nice self-publicising garbage.
    But unconcerned citizen believes that he should not be available for open debate to the general public but answer privately via his e-mail or postal site.
    If we are forced to look at his picture and hear his preaching’s then surely as taxpayers he should have the decency to hear ours.

  6. Dear “willythewombat”
    Yes i did say that the comment section of an online newspapaer is NOT the place to contact him. (particularly if you expect an answer – you might as well shout for him in the streets).
    Also i did not state that Mr Fab should not be available for open debate to the general public – nor do i belive he shouldn’t. For some reason you speculated this just because i made the correct guess that Mr Fabricant is unlikely to answer here.

    Your final statement “If we are forced to look at his picture and hear his preaching’s then surely as taxpayers he should have the decency to hear ours”
    -is why i suggested emailing him or writing to him – you could then make public his reply if unsatisfactory.

    After all – he doesn’t have to anser questions here so probably won’t.
    And compared to other MPs – his expenses are low.
    After all – on another article here regarding the same subject, somebody stated that claiming your accounting bill on expenses is a criminal offence – which is after all not true.

    I’m all for holding people to account but i genuinly think you are wasting your time on this issue.

    Over a quarter of a million pounds spent on block paving outside the garrick, the largest tesco in the U.K with no improved traffic infrastructure (birmingham road and John st a point of official congestion since 1986)
    – yet people are having a pop at Mr Fab for a cheeky acountancy bill when other MPs have purchased houses.

  7. Dear Unconcerned citizen, or should that read Mrs Fabricant?
    Please check the posting regarding MP’s expenses, Mr Fabricant responded four times to his own article where he openly boasted how he was one of the most frugal of all MP’s
    When a few “real taxpayers” started digging deeper he decided this wasn’t a good forum and did a Lord Lucan, or with that mane should it be Shergar?
    “And compared to other MPs – his expenses are low.” Are you serious, his personal expenditure is one of the highest for any MP he also failed to mention his grace and favor home, please try to read deeper not just the headline written by his publicity machine.

  8. Somewhere earlier i suggested getting together evidence to support the accusations – all i have read here is an an accountants bill claimed on his expenses – which is what i wrote about.
    If there is far more information – spill the beans. Its really quite pointless us debating the issue of an accounancy bill on expenses if there is actually far greater unnecessary expenses.
    After all – the issue i commented upon was the accountants tax return bill on expenses – which would be a trivial sum of money (in the bigger picture) and is also not a criminal offence.

    perhaps you could post links to a website supporting your point that he is not one of the cheapesst but one of the most expensive? and also why he is one of the most expensive.

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