Lichfield wildlife fans are being invited to a free bat survey evening.

The event is being organised by Lichfield District Council’s Countryside Team, in partnership with North Lichfield Initiative and the South East Staffordshire Bat Group.
Bats are twilight creatures that use echolocation to find their prey. These series of shouts, undetectable to the human ear, bounce off insects and obstacles to help the bat to find its way and to hunt in the night sky. To decode these ‘shouts’ the survey team will use a bat detector to hear these calls and to discover which bats are flying and feeding over this site in North Lichfield.
Justine Lloyd, Countryside Officer for Lichfield District Council, said:

“Bats are amazing but vulnerable animals, and they need our help. Surveying is essential as many of our bat species have declined dramatically over the last 60 years. This is mainly due to loss of habitats, roost sites, and food such as moths. The survey will help us to improve our knowledge of animal species using the site and will be an interesting experience to join in. Please remember to wrap up warm, wear sensible shoes, and bring a torch with you. Also, because it’s a survey event, it’s not suitable for young children.”

Booking is essential. Anyone wishing to reserve their free space can do so by calling the Countryside Team on 01543 308183, or emailing

This is a busy time of year for bats, as they are most active in summer and their babies are learning to fly. If you find a injured bat or one enters your home, and you need advice, please visit the Bat Conservation Trust’s website at for information or contact the Bat Helpline on 0845 1300 228.

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