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Hairy bikers, oatcakes and Amarillo

As part of their tour of 30 counties throughout the UK, the Hairy Bikers made their Staffordshire appearance in Lichfield on Thursday and I went down to the market square to check it out (and get on TV, obviously!) Thankfully, Nick was available and came down to keep me company and of course take some snaps.

As we stood in the shade waiting for the bikers, we watched Joanna Malin interview folks for her radio show on BBC WM. We had a quick chat with her, too, and she revealed that she will be hosting her radio show from the Farmer’s Market next month, on Thursday 6th August. We were also joined by Stuart Harrison and others from Lichfield District Council who were there to check it out and take some of their own pictures.

Then from Market St came a rumble and from around the corner two Triumph motorbikes complete with beardy men emerged. A small crowd descended onto the mobile kitchen to invite Si and Dave who instantly engaged in some friendly banter before heading off to the Guildhall. A short while – and an increasingly restless crowd – later the celebrity chefs emerged refreshed and ready to cook.

We were then treated to the spectacle of a television production – being asked to laugh and applause on demand. The celebrity chefs made it very easy though, no mean feat considering the baking heat we were in as well. Taking pops at their own camera crew and the local media photographers particularly lightened the atmosphere.

si_buttoxDave treated us to lots of facts about Staffordshire Oatcakes and Si… well, Si just told us how little he was actually going to do and instead just posed a lot. At one point, Si decided to give the crowd a feel of his hardened buttox – a product, he said, of the many hours spent on the bike. Although he did also answer my question about where the ‘local ingredients’ were from – the answer was Essington farm.

Another highlight of the day was the surprise appearance of Tony Christie who was duly dragged into the mobile kitchen to try some freshly made Staffordshire Oatcake. Thanks to @woollyholic for pointing him out to me, too!

All round a very enjoyable, if sweltering afternoon, and I can’t wait to see the show on BBC. The Hairy Bikers Food Tour of Britain will begin on BBC 2 on 24th August this year. It should be a good show, so have a watch and look out especially for me trying some Staffordshire Oatcake with Jess and Lisa – especially Jess’ brilliant one-word review which, in true TV fashion had to be done twice!

Nick’s photos of the day are on Flickr.

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  1. Stuart Harrison

    16th July, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    That is a horrible picture of me! Curse my balding head and expanding waistline!