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Lichfield and Tamworth to merge waste and recycling services

binmenCouncillors in Lichfield and Tamworth have voted in favour of plans to join forces and deliver a shared waste and recycling service to homes across the area from 2010.

 The plans will see the two councils’ waste and recycling teams come together as one to cover Lichfield, Tamworth, Burntwood and the surrounding areas.

The combined team will be based at Lichfield District Council’s purpose built recycling depot in Burntwood. 

Councillor Louise Flowith, Cabinet Member for Operational Services at Lichfield District Council explained:

“By working together we’ll cut carbon emissions by reducing the amount of miles our trucks travel. As a bigger customer we’ll also be able to get better value from suppliers, and test out new recycling methods more quickly.  And, we’ll be better placed to respond to emergencies such as bad weather and pandemic sickness. Above all, we’re confident the partnership will deliver better value for money and help to boost the amount of waste we recycle.”

Councillor John Garner, Portfolio Holder for Public Health & Wellbeing at Tamworth Borough Council added:

“To make sure our waste and recycling services work well, the teams at Lichfield and Tamworth regularly speak to local residents through feedback, questionnaires and face to face meetings. In designing the shared service, we’ve taken on board what people have told us, and shaped our proposals to fit their needs. A good example of this is making the change from recycling boxes to a single recycling bin.

“What’s more, by joining forces we’ll be able to work more closely with local residents which will help to make the new service even better. We’ll also be able to promote simple techniques that will make a big difference to the amount of waste we all produce, and above all cut the amount of waste we send to landfill.”  

In Lichfield, councillors also voted in favour of proposals to extend the favourite of the two recycling trials that have been taking place in the district.

Cllr Flowith explained:

“We’ve been running two trials in Armitage with Handsacre and we’d like to thank everyone who has taken part. Residents on the most popular trial received a new blue wheelie that replaced their green boxes, and a fortnightly, rather than weekly, recycling collection.

“Not only has feedback from this trial been really positive, people have recycled even more of their waste. They’ve also told us it’s easier to recycle and local streets are cleaner because of the new blue bins. As a result of this feedback, councillors have voted to extend the new scheme across the district later this summer.”

The first change residents in Lichfield District will notice is a move to fortnightly recycling collections later this autumn. Residents will receive a brand new blue wheelie bin and a detailed leaflet to help them get to grips with the new scheme.

Cllr Flowith added:

“Later on in 2010 when Lichfield and Tamworth start to deliver joint collections, there may be some further changes, and again, we’ll make sure everyone is well informed.”

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  2. Harry Tuttle

    10th July, 2009 at 10:21 pm

    Good Positive steps by the council to save money and help the environment.
    Furthering this saving of costs and the environment – Recent movements in fairtrade in Lichfield has shown that stocks of supermarkets and shops can be influenced. Perhaps efforts can be made towards less packaging where possible and more recycle friendly.

    When i buy Jacket potatoes from the supermarket they are packaged 4 in a plastic tray, cellophane wrapped – what a waste !

  3. Bryan Gee

    4th August, 2009 at 11:54 pm

    I am a Refuse collector working with Tamworth Borough Council (working for Veolia Environmental Services).
    Harry, might I make a suggestion, with reference to helping the environment, PLEASE READ MY COMMENTS POSTED AT TAMWORTHBLOG.COM. I think you might find the truth interesting. It’s in reference to the so called ‘carbon footprint’ of what this merger will mean.