The performance of original poetry based on the Mystery Plays by the Lichfield Poets was one of great confidence, assuredness and skill.
The Lichfield Poets
The Lichfield Poets
The poetry itself had a variety of tone, and all were poems written by poets who are sure of their voices, and who know how to write work that can communicate aurally to an audience without sacrificing poetic and linguistic subtlety. There were some poems, indeed, of great power. And the presentation and performance of the piece was excellently and professional staged. The Lichfield Poets have already achieved much, and I feel they will go on to achieve more. Review by David Calcutt


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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  1. The Lichfield Poets can be seen at the Fuse Festival tonight at Beacon Park 9.15-9.45pm – a variety of light and comic poetry.

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