PC Darren Wilkes and PC Mark Cartwright
PC Darren Wilkes and PC Mark Cartwright

Two Police officers are planning a bike ride in aid of charity… dressed as fish.

PC Darren Wilkes and PC Mark Cartwright will be dressing up in scaley regalia in the hopes of raising money for a lifeboat charity as they plan an 80-mile bike ride.

The two will become “pike on a bike” PC Wilkes while colleague PC Cartwright will go for the “Nemo look” based on the popular Disney/Pixar film from 2003.

The officers will be setting out next month on an 80-mile bike ride from Shrewsbury, to Barmouth on the Welsh coast. The hope is that they can raise over £1000 for the Royal National Lifeboat Institute.

PC Wilkes is a veteran rider and considers the feat more like a walk in the park whereas PC Cartwright, aged 50, it’s quite a challenge having not ridden a bike in 30 years.

“I must have been at school the last time I rode a bike but like they say, once you’ve learned you never forget,” he joked. He now regularly rides 30 miles per run in preparation for the big day as part of his training.

The duo are receiving a lot of support from friends and family, but they are a way off their target and are encouraging people to sponsor them thought their JustGiving page.