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Lichfield District Council has changed it’s cabinet following the county council elections and subsequent appointments in Staffordshire County Council.

A number of councillors have been awarded significant positions within Staffordshire County Council meaning that they would have to relinquish some of their responsibilities within Lichfield District Council in order to perform their roles effectively.

Three new members have joined the cabinet and one new role has been created. Leader of Lichfield District Council, David Smith said;

“It is a great compliment to Lichfield District Council that many of our councillors have been appointed such high profile roles in Staffordshire County Council. Because these roles will take up much of their time, it has meant some re-structuring of Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet and committees.

“I would like to thank former cabinet members, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member Councillor Matthew Ellis and Cabinet Member Councillor Ben Adams.

“Despite the fact that we’re losing considerable talent, I am fortunate to have so many experienced and capable councillors to call on. With that in mind, I am delighted to announce the new Cabinet, which includes three new members and a new role.

“I am pleased to welcome Councillor Helen Fisher who is taking on the new role of Cabinet Member of Community, Councillor Ian Pritchard who is the new Cabinet Member of Housing, Health and Environmental Protection, and Councillor Michael Wilcox who is the new Cabinet Member for Finance, Revenues ad Benefits.

“Councillor Val Richards is remaining the Cabinet Member for Leisure Services, and is taking on the extra role of Deputy Leader of the council. Councillor Colin Greatorex is the Cabinet Member for Organisational Development. Finally, Councillor Louise Flowith will remain Cabinet Member for Operational Services, Councillor Neil Roberts will remain Cabinet Member for Development Services, and Councillor Margaret Stanhope will remain Cabinet Member for Democratic and Legal Services.

“I would also like to welcome Councillor Richard Cox as the Chairman of the Planning Committee, who will be supported by Councillor Ellen Perkins, who is the new Vice Chairman of the Planning Committee.

“This is a strong Cabinet, and I am looking forward to working with all the Cabinet Members in the future. I would like to congratulate all our district councillors who have got high profile roles in the county, including Councillor Erica Bayliss, who is the Vice Chairman of the county council, and Councillor Alan White who is the Chairman of the Corporate Review Committee.”

Update: You can see all the cabinet member on the Lichfield District Council web site.

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