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Lichfield optician’s warning to summer drivers

Colin Lee Opticians has warned drivers to get their eyesight tested before making trips this summer as research shows millions are potentially at risk.

A study from the College of Optometrists earlier this year showed that one in five drivers between the ages of 35 and 55 has driven on Britain’s roads knowing their eyesight is not up to scratch.

Colin Lee are urging parents to make sure they have their eyesight tested before setting off on holiday this year, stressing that some people seem to make the health of their car a higher priority than that of their eyes.

Picture of Clive Marchant, director of Colin Lee Opticians

Clive Marchant, director of Colin Lee Opticians, is urging parents to test their eyesight to help ensure they have safe, happy family holidays this year.

Clive Marchant, director of Colin Lee Opticians of Market Street, Lichfield said, “Most people don’t think twice about getting their car serviced before they are taking it on a long trip, and would tell you that it is important to ensure the vehicle’s safe before they put their family in it.

“So it is baffling that they do not then think of how they are endangering their family and others if their eyesight is not adequate for them to be driving.

“You may have had perfect eyesight all your life, but reaching your mid-thirties, many people find that it may be deteriorating slightly, and rather than ignore this, it is vital that you get it checked out.

“Our comprehensive test takes around 30 minutes, and costs a few pounds – many people will be entitled to free tests – surely that is worth doing in order to help keep your family safe.

“Your optician will also be able to provide you with prescription and non prescription sunspecs, which will not just help you drive, but provide essential protection from damaging UV rays as well.”

The survey showed a certain stigma about getting an eye test with half putting it off because it made them feel they were getting older. Middle-aged men were the worst.

“There is no excuse for not reaching the required driving standards,” said Mr Marchant. “There are many ways of correcting your eyesight these days, including contact lenses, and a vast range of frames which are fashionable and designed to meet all budgets.

“I would urge people to make sure their holiday is a happy one, and when they think about getting the car checked, book an eye test too.”

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