Members of Lichfield Round Table in Belgium

Members of Lichfield Round Table have visited the town of Eupen in Belgium for their annual Euromeeting.

They joined Tablers from France, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and South Africa at the event.

The Belgian hosts put on a fantastic programme of events, including go-karting, archery, a visit to a local chocolate factory and a fearsome ‘death slide’ zip line challenge.

Lichfield Round Table Vice Chairman Adrian Hope said:

“Lichfield Round Table 250 is linked to other Round Tables globally that end in the number 50 and we meet up in a different country each year to catch up. We have a formal meeting as part of the long weekend, but it’s mostly just having a laugh with friends. Last year we visited Munich and next year we are off to Sandown in South Africa , which should be a fantastic experience”

Lichfield Round Table is open to males aged between 18-45, irrespective of religious beliefs or political opininion. Anyone interested in finding out more can call 0808 129 3616 , email or check out the website at The group can also be found on Facebook.