Azoic by Val Brewin
Azoic by Val Brewin

Quintessence, the textile art exhibition currently open at Curborough Hall Farm’s Griffin Art Gallery, is very exciting indeed.

Two Fradley artists have items displayed in the exhibition.

In her quest to explore three-dimensionally “the opposing natures of chaos and order”, Val Brewin skilfully blends metals, paper, glass, fabric and found objects with hand and machine stitching to create exquisite pieces of art.

Dorothy Deakin, on the other hand, is strongly influenced by the archaeology of the Isles of Orkney and uses skilfully wrapped three-dimensional shapes along with stones, wood, copper, silk fabric and cotton threads.

Other artists featured include Helen Appleby, whose delicate, intricately detailed hangings and pictures are created using fine silks, muslin and paper, threads and various natural materials. She paints her fabrics before embellishing them with hand and machine embroidery to create harmonious compositions based on gardens, landscape and literary themes.

Wisteria by Helen Appleby
Wisteria by Helen Appleby

Barbara Dean uses layers of hand-made papers, driftwood, natural fabrics and threads to create fabrics with fascinating texture and tactile qualities, and her current work is inspired by trees and tree bark.

Sue Walker embroiders by hand and machine on dissolvable fabric, using hemp threads, grasses and Welsh slate pebbles.

Sue finds inspiration in the effects of humans and geological time on the landscape, and her work focuses on fossils, folds of rock, standing stones, ancient tombs, artefacts, dry-stone walls and hedges.

This exhibition really is too good to miss and will remain open to the public until August 15.

For further details, contact Sue Walker on 01922 458135.