Stowe Pool. Pic: Nick Brickett

Patrols are being stepped up around Lichfield’s Stowe Pool to check anglers are not camping overnight.

Although night fishing is allowed, Lichfield District Council don’t permit overnight camping around the pool.

The issue was raised at a recent community pride meeting in the Stowe ward where residents were reassured that checks would continue to be made in the evening.

Beth Osman, Heritage Parks Manager for Lichfield District Council, told The Lichfield Blog:

“Although we allow night fishing, we do not allow camping overnight. This is why every summer our rangers do a number of evening patrols around Stowe Pool, to make sure no one is staying overnight. On these patrols the rangers also check that people are abiding by the general rules of the site, such as not dropping litter. They also take the opportunity to distribute leaflets to people who are fishing to remind them about the fishing and site rules.

“These evening patrols have proved successful in the past, helping us to keep Stowe Pool a beautiful and pleasant place to visit whether you fish, walk your dog, or simply want to take in the stunning setting.”

Anyone with any concerns about Stowe Pool can email the parks team at or call them on 01543 308867.

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  1. Yet again checks on local fishermen enjoying their sport what about more patrols to check on the dog owners who do not clean up after their dogs rules for one not the other local council isa joke

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