Cows grazing in Chasewater Country Park
Cows grazing in Chasewater Country Park

The cows, that have been helping to preserve Chasewater Country Park’s valuable heathland habitat have moved on to a new area of the park.

Lichfield District Council’s Countryside team has packed up the four cows, which are on loan from a local farmer, and moved them from the Anglesey Basin to their new home.

In an extension of the grazing trial, the cows will be calling Heathland Translocation home until September. This is the first time the council has introduced cows to this site, which is near to the country park’s outdoor education centre and sailing club.

They will continue grazing on the heathland vegetation, which the council would have to remove manually if it weren’t for the hungry cows.

The three Aberdeen Angus-British Friesian cows and one Belgian Blue-British Friesian cow will be grazing on the land until September, when they will be returned to the local farmer.

Councillor Neil Roberts, Cabinet Member for Development Services, said:

“Extending the area the cows graze on is an important next step in our ‘bring back grazing’ trial. We’re happy the cows have settled in to their new home well, and have quickly got down to the serious business of grazing.”  

Justine Lloyd, Countryside Officer, added:

“We’d like to thank all the visitors to the Anglesey Basin for being respectful of the cows this summer. We would once again kindly ask anyone visiting the new site to follow the Countryside Code, remembering to keep at a reasonable distance from the cows, not to feed them, and to keep any dogs under control.”


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