Cars parked on a beach. Pic: camknows

A Lichfield woman is billing the council at a seaside resort for damage to her car after police broke into it to stop it being washed away by the tide, according to reports.

The vehicle belonging to 37-year-old Angie Edwards was in a beach car park on August 19 when officers were forced to smash a rear window to release the handbrake and push the car to safety, according to the Weston Mercury.

Mrs Edwards returned to the sea-front to find the car park underwater and her vehicle – minus rear window – moved to a nearby location.

But the mum-of-two has criticised the amount of information given to drivers who park on the beach and told the Weston Mercury that she would be sending North Somerset Council for the £90 cost of replacing her rear window.

Mrs Edwards told the newspaper:

“I feel outraged a parking attendant directed cars to an unsafe area. I had to spend an hour cleaning up the glass from the baby seat and booster seat in the back as it was everywhere.”

But a spokesperson for North Somerset Council told the Weston Mercury that all drivers parking on the beach were given an information leaflet and insisted that breaking the window was “unfortunate” but “better than the car being swept into the sea”.

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4 replies on “Lichfield woman to bill council after car is damaged in beach rescue”

  1. All to typical of the lack of self responsibility that pervades the country these days. Clearly not the sharpest tool in the box – the seaweed, flotsam and high-water marks from the last tide normally give it away.

  2. North Somerset council need to take responsibility. They should not be directing drivers to use unsuitable parking areas. If they are trying to encourage tourism they are going about things the wrong way. This lady deserves to be reimbursed.

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