Christine Cole, Lichfield District Council’s Recycling and Street Scene Development Officer, with one of the new blue bins
Lichfield and Burntwood residents are set to get their new blue recycling wheelie bins in the coming months. The bins are being introduced by Lichfield District Council after receiving a positive reaction during a trial in Armitage, Handsacre and Kings Bromley, who have been testing a new blue wheelie bin recycling collection service. The change will see residents receive a brand new blue wheelie bin that will replace their green boxes, and a fortnightly, rather than weekly, recycling collection. And despite concerns that the fortnightly collections would not be sufficient, the council has reassured residents that the trial has shown the system does work. Councillor Louise Flowith, Cabinet Member for Operational Services at Lichfield District Council, said:
“We’re delighted that residents on the trial have been so impressed with their new blue bins and fortnightly collections, and we’re looking forward to bringing the improvements to people across the district this autumn. “We will be delivering the blue bins over an eight week period, so don’t worry if your friends receive theirs before you. We will also be dropping off a detailed instruction leaflet along with your bin, which contains information on the service and a new recycling calendar to help you get started. “After your final green box collection, please look at the calendar in the leaflet to find out if your new blue bin fortnightly collection will be taking place along with either your brown or black bin. For more information, please visit”
Mrs Hall, a resident from Handsacre who has been trialling the service since March, added:
“I think the blue bin is a great improvement. It means we no longer have to separate recycling or carry heavy boxes each week. At first I thought I might struggle with a collection every other week, but it has been fine, as the bin is more than big enough to take all our recycling. Another bonus is that our local streets are much tidier now that we’re using the blue bins, because recycling doesn’t blow away. So, it’s been a really successful change all round.”


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  1. We are being switched from a weekly to fortnightly collection this week in Tamworth.. We’ll keep you posted on how it goes… (The bin is already half full though)

  2. We live in a terraced house and we have just enough room for the two other bins, Where are we supposed to put the new bin. Has any thought go into those people who live in terraced houses

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