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Health and safety rules blamed for Lichfield tip chaos

A collection forces the temporary closure of Lichfield Recycling Centre

A collection forces the temporary closure of Lichfield Recycling Centre

Health and safety regulations have been blamed for causing chaos at Lichfield’s Recycling Centre.

Angry residents were left frustrated after the tip site on Trent Valley Road was shut down for nearly an hour at around 10am on Saturday (September 12) while skips and containers were emptied.

And as drivers sweltered in soaring temperatures, a member of staff at the site suggested to The Lichfield Blog that new rules were to blame for the problems.

The worker, who asked not to be named, said:

“We’ve had a visit from the health and safety people who have said that whenever a collection is made the whole site has to be shut down. It’s absolutely crazy. It’s easy for these people to come along with their suits on and then sit at their desks telling us what to do, but they’re not the ones having to answer to people when the site isn’t available.”

And the chaos extended beyond the Recycling Centre as traffic queued back onto Trent Valley Road and around the traffic island.

The problems even saw some drivers attempt to carry their waste into the site – but they too were forced to wait for the collection to take place.

No-one from Staffordshire County Council, who are responsible for the Recycling Centre, has been available for comment.

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  1. Health and Safety Consultants

    27th August, 2010 at 11:34 am

    I think its hit and miss with health and safety. The thing is it may well be a case that the officer in charge of the health and safety of the plant was incorrect or his advise was miss-interpreted. Its always difficult to balance the restrictions that health and safety administer while keeping the public happy but at the same time its their safety you are protecting by adhering to these regulations. It may well have been worth seeking additional consultation with reference to health and safety in the plant after this to ensure that the guidelines are correct and how best to handle them.