Councillor John Walker
Councillor John Walker

A Lichfield councillor has claimed he is the victim of a witch-hunt after being told that he could be taken to a tribunal.

Cllr John Walker (Ind, Curborough) was told the news that two other councillors had called for his resignation at a meeting with council officials.

Complaints have been received regarding Cllr Walker’s recent conviction for common assault and his comments comparing the Dimbles to Beirut following the murder of Michael Eccles.

But the independent councillor has claimed that this latest step is just another example of “victimisation” towards him.

Cllr Walker told The Lichfield Blog:

“I was called to a meeting and told that two councillors have called for me to go and have said they want me taken to a tribunal. No-one will tell me who they are, but it’s just another example of the victimisation of me.

“But all these repeated efforts to get me to go are just making me more determined to represent the people who elected me.

“The Conservative councillors in Lichfield don’t like the fact that I speak up on issues and they are trying to silence me. There is no real opposition in the city apart from me and it’s an unhealthy state of affairs.”

And Cllr Walker claimed the repeated calls for his resignation over a number of issues merely prove that attempts are being made to force him out of the council.

But in a warning to his rivals, the Curborough councillor has insisted he will fight his corner all the way. He added:

“The Conservative councillors don’t like me and are determined to get rid of me. Look at the committees – I now sit on a handful, but when I started I was on 15 or 16. The whole situation is totally unfair. The Leader of the council has been asking me to resign ever since I was elected over one thing or another!

“But I won’t go just because I’m told to by these people. I’ll be fighting any attempts to take me to a tribunal and I’ll go as far as I need to in order to battle this witch-hunt.”

Richard King, Strategic Director of Democratic, Development and Legal Services at Lichfield District Council, said:

“We are looking into complaints received about Cllr Walker, but it is too early in the process to comment further.”


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2 replies on “Lichfield councillor’s anger at plans to take him to a tribunal”

  1. I have no doubts Cllr Walker is the victim of a party political witch hunt.

    This Tribunal is all very exciting.
    2 Elected councillors who wish to remain anonomous (and more ludicrously are being kept anonomous) are calling for a Triibunal?
    As local voter (Wheel Lane, Lichfield) – how can i be sure these complaints even occured?
    Who were these complaints made to ?
    Who is the Witchfinder General whom i should make anonomous complaints to whenever i fancy an impromptu tribunal to remove a rightfully Elected Councillor?

    Did conservatives very own ‘Kings Head Amateur Boxing champion’ Cllr Mike Fryers resign from his councillor position?
    No, he just resigned from Being Mayor (a position lichfields electorate don’t vote upon anyway).
    Fryers is still in office – waving the Tory flag with his tory mates who are obviously grieved that they can’t beat Cllr Walker in an Election.

    So in this tribunal – perhaps it would be unfair to mention Cllr Walkers recent assault charge unless Cllr Mike Fryers is in the Dock alongside him.
    Nobody voted for a ‘shining examples of citizenship’ – you can save that for teachers, judges and policemen.
    I need a (local) Cllr that Deals with my issues – not the Tory manifesto.

    Cllr Walkers Disruption of council meetings could well have been justified if 50 councillors merely toe the party line.
    And whilst the Complaining councillors are allowed anomnity to bring about a tribunal of a councillor – the whole thing looks like a stitch up.

  2. Totally agree with Unconcerned Citizen.Not so long ago we had the scandal of Westminster where most MP’s have been on the “take” for years with their expenses etc. Where are the arrests ? Where are the convictions ? Where are the back benchers and oppostion parties calling for resignations ? There are non cos there all in it together at troughminster and have been for decades.Lets hope guy fawkes is resurrected come the 5th of November and does the job properly on his second coming.

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