Farmers in a village near Lichfield are being urged to move grazing animals away from the River Trent.

The warning follows a serious pollution incident that is affecting the river at Yoxall.

The Environment Agency has revealed raw sewage and cyanide have leaked into the river between Stoke-on-Trent and Yoxall.

And now Staffordshire County Council are warning farmers to be on their guard.

Tony Shore , the county council’s Head of Farming and Agriculture said:

“Farmers should take sensible precautions, especially if they use the river as a source of drinking water for their livestock.

“They should move their animals away from the banks and consider erecting temporary electric fencing to keep them away. They should also make sure their animals have fresh mains water to drink, either from troughs or from a bowser.”

Anglers, walkers  and boaters have also been advised to steer clear of the stretch of the River Trent while further tests are carried out.


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