One of four members of a Lichfield family who admitted dealing drugs has told a councillor who has called for them to be moved out of the area that they are “going nowhere”.

Tina Gair (45), her husband Richard (47), and their son Duane (20), all from Meadowbrook Road in Lichfield, one of their daughters, Kerry Gair (24) from Leyfields in Lichfield, and Patsy-Anne Lenton (37) from Stychbrook Gardens in Lichfield, had initially pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to supply cannabis vegetation following a trial at Stafford Crown Court. But they changed their plea to guilty during the trial. All will be sentenced on November 20.

Councillor John Walker

After the case, Cllr John Walker (Ind, Curborough) admitted he hoped the result of the case would help clean up the area.

He said:

“These are people who have no respect for the law or their neighbours. People came to me a year ago complaining that these people were selling drugs and I reported it to the police, so it’s good to see such swift action.

“Hopefully they’ll be taken off the streets along with the drugs they have been dealing and we can start to clean-up the area.”

But in a message sent to The Lichfield Blog, Kerry Gair has hit back at Cllr Walker’s comments. She said:

“John Walker says he wants us to be removed from the street – he’s full of s**t – he will never get what he wants because we are going nowhere and believe me, we are not moving nowhere.

“And for as for John Walker using us to win his elections he has no chance as it’s not a big story so go elsewhere and get your news headlines instead of living a boring life.

“We will be around for a long, long, long time to see him lose the elections. I will not be voting for him and neither will the rest of the family – and there is a lot of us.”

And despite admitting her guilt in court, Ms Gair also claimed the police should have been targeting “real drug dealers” instead of pursuing the case against her family.

She added:

“All this s*** you have put on the site is unbelieveable and it’s not true at all. If I was selling cannabis don’t you think I would be living a luxury life not a poor life like everyone else?

“Anyone standing in Crown Court would have heard the b******t that was coming out of their mouths. The police need to go and get the real drug sellers instead of harrasing the family all the time.”


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  1. Well – as a casual observer sitting on the fence on this matter –
    1) Either the Gairs weren’t selling much cannabis
    2) or they were incredibly cunning enough to evade the police for a year since Cllr Walker reported them.
    3) or the police weren’t interested or didn’t have enough resources.

    Cannabis was reclassified in january this year as part of the governments ‘strategy’ against drugs.
    Part of this strategy is rehabilitation. (including dealers)
    Calling for people to be moved out of the area is a bit silly – so they’ve been caught – lets see the government carry out the rest of the deal and see some attempt at ‘rehabilitation’.

  2. Oh – i forgot to mention – Kerry Gair has a point –

    Lets see some smack, crack and extasy dealers in the dock.

    Lets face facts – a startling number of people smoke ‘dope’ through choice – rather than it being ‘pushed’

  3. what a waste of public money and resources.  these people are hardly a threat to society, that’s probably why the police took so long to get there, they had more dangerous people to lock up.
    there is much hypocrisy surrounding cannabis and councillor john walker is a politician and can therefore recognise a bandwagon when he sees one. 
    good for ms gair for standing up for herself and her family.

    let’s stop the dangerous (weekend) drinking in our town centres and leave harmless dope smokers alone, we harm no-one.

  4. ok then people i am sorry for people like you walker that have not much else to talk about but the local headlines of the day well i think you should get a life and move on to your next headline as you persume you know when how terribley wrong you are on this story ,
    i happen to be a member of the gair family and you belive they will be stayin in this area as the problem here happens to be the police dont like the family because we are not walked over and we are a close family so we look after each other any other family standing in stafford crown court on this charge would have been a small in print but this is news top story because its the gairs well all i say is you get a grip and dont judge people you dont know as thats what your doing and as for cleaning up the area yes get rid of all the smack and coke heads you know the killer drugs instead of payin you time to not a drug its the family name get a grip

  5. the only people who are defending these people are either related to them or clearly don’t have to put up with them living on their road. The sooner we don’t have them as neighbours the better. As for this rubbish about them only dealing cannabis. Only dealing cannabis?!?!? Have we all forgotten that its an ILLEGAL drug??!?! Yes, the police should get heroin and cocaine dealers of our streets but ANY dealer of ANY illegal substance caught and taken off the streets is good riddance too bad rubbish

  6. Why was the loaded term “dealing” used in the story here and not the factually correct charge of “supply”. I wouldn’t bring this up if there were actually some details of the offences, there aren’t though.

    You also might think I’m splitting hairs, but the distinction is very important. I could give my mate a bit of weed. That’s supply but it wouldn’t make me a “dealer” in any recognisable use of the word. I wouldn’t be a person you could seek out to buy drugs from. I would be guilty of supply though.

    Can anybody provide any details of what they actually did or is this labeling as good as it gets? They seem very angry about this and the “real drug dealers” comment from Ms Gair makes me wonder.

    I suspect this comment will be very unpopular. Ho hum.

  7. From the E&S: Officers watched drug deals taking place…..Tina Gair’s mobile phone revealed drug-dealing text messages and a “dealer’s list” was also found. The court seemed to think they were (and there are plenty of other examples if you search for the case details.
    Anyway, if you give your mate a bit of your stash as you so harmlessly put it and you accept payment then your a dealer. One deal is all it takes.

  8. The 4 people found/pleaded guilty will have previous convictions and cautions taken into account for sentencing.
    The sentencing will be regarding the particular offence of dealing drugs.

    It seems relevant to point out Cllr Walker is a victim of a witch hunt himself at the moment.
    Hopefully his paparazzi atracting tough stance on crime will be taken into account at his tribunal.

    Only 4 people of this family are in the dock.
    Thank heavans im not in the dock for offences some of my family members have commited.

    I’ll not beat about the bush –
    Meadowbrookman – if these people in your street are commiting other (asbo?) offences – report them for it.
    If the police don’t do anything – report them for it.
    Blow a trumpet fanfare because the police haven’t done anything about a situation rather than trumping up this drug charge. –

    The Lichfield four (chuckles) have pleaded guilty to the charge – nothing else.

  9. I grew up in this area and it was a lovely area until this family moved in. I often drive past the Gairs property(whilst trying to dodge one of their children usually playing in the road) and just think it is such a shame that they have dragged the area down and feel sorry for the people who still live on Meadowbrook Road. They drive cars like maniacs, let their children and dogs wander around aimlessly, give you death stares if you even glance at them, and police may as well set up camp in their garden for the amount of times I have seen them there! i doubt any of them work?? so are we tax payers paying to accommodate a family who obviously dont have any respect for the people they are sharing a street with? as a parent myself ,to even have drugs in their property where small children are is a disgrace(no matter what the class of drug is)

  10. these 4 members of a family from a drug dealing case only pleaded guilty to keep there children out of trouble give them some credit i have lived on there area for many many years they dont cause a problem to public the police harass them all the time and if anybody needs any help thee there to help them im not sticking up for these people im just stating the truth these people dont look like people that would go out and sell drugs yes maybe 1 of there children smoke it but whats wrong with that loads of people like to have a smoke but i dont see other people being harrashed just because a member of the famil has committed crime these people do not deserve the load of hagro that police give them one of there childre has a really bad problem for example anger adhd very bad and the police wud go by and do nasty comments to him to make him snap that wud be the only person who gets into troube and 1 time they parked there car outside there driveway and the police give them a parking ticket on the car which the police got into trouble for these people are nice people and would help anyone into trouble just dont give them a hard time on hear say.

  11. i dont kno who lichfield 1 is but ur wrong there dogs are kept in a fenced of garden as they mite atack the public so if they are out the garden i dont see any complaints to them being bit now do you and as for police being there its 4 mostly other peoples children that have run away but they never seem to be there they used to help the police but now i cant blame them if they dont the children do play out but not on the road unless the gate has been left open and other peoples children go and play down there when there parents are there but thats not there responseabilty so as for lichfield 1 u dont kno anything and you could even be a police officer for all we know but i will just say you must lead a boaring life to watch the gairs house.

  12. Hang on one minute the police witnessed drug deals (read the background reports on the case) does that not indicate someone was dealing it? If they were all so innocent why did they plead guilty?!?! Protecting their children doesn’t hold up after all two of them are also facing a stretch inside. As for them going nowhere I think the judge may have a different view on that come 20th November and for the majority of the local residents itll be ggood riddance to bad rubbish. I wonder at what stage social services might rescue the rest of the children who are currently being parented by convicted suppliers of drugs? If they dont like the stigma of being drug dealers a suggestion might be not to deal drugs in the first place after all thats how most of us avoid being called drug dealers. Yes, maybe one of their children smoke drugs, something which is also against the laws of the land. If we believe Harwood man’s version of events, then for the parents to allow this just goes to paint a wider picture of these peoples values.

  13. belive what you want to i didnt ask you to belive me its the version i got of the family [COMMENT REMOVED] and no social services wont be takin the childre as they have older brothers and sisters so as for crass crisis keep yoyur but out cause your just like counciller walker dont knopw jack s**t about this [COMMENT REMOVED] well they wont be walked ova by the police or anyone else

  14. That Express and Star article has no more meat in it than this article here. “Peddling” is no more a real crime than “dealing”. Supply is the crime and as I’ve previously said, that doesn’t necessarily mean dealing in any recognisable folk demon sense. In fact the E&A article goes further than this one in it’s Daily Mail esque rant when it talks about supplying cannabis “addicts” in the city. Addict, give me a break, it’s a load of sensationalist crap.

    Reading this it looks very much to me like the guilty pleas were obtained by applying pressure and don’t impress me in the slightest as they don’t seem to have got their hands on any quantity of any drug at all. But hey, the Gairs have a rep lets bash em eh? Makes me sick.

  15. say what you want but i will always have something back to say to you cus you do not know these people and only read whats in the papers but selling tobacco is not selling drugs is it selling tabacco lots of people do cus if they didnt keep putting there prices up more people would buy from the shop and how about we bash you for being a mug

  16. I don’t understand what you’re saying. I’m not having a go at the Gairs, who I do know btw . I’m saying that the story in the paper and on here doesn’t give any details of any of the evidence presented against them or details of what they were doing. The E&A article does make it clear the police failed to find a significant amount of any drug.

    Don’t confuse me with whoever decided to post as “crass crisis”

  17. ok im sori if you took it like that they hadnt had no drugs in the house apart from 5 pounds worth of canabis her sons hes a canabis user and txt messages which states about tabacco and they say its drug dealing messages these people are a good family and yeah there has been trouble with them but the family will stick up 4 one another if one of them are in trouble but what family wouldnt do [COMMENT REMOVED] but these people i feel sori for there harashed by the police all the time they have camera evidence of early hours in the morning police outside lookin through car windows they need to stop let these people live a good life without people harassing them.

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