A speed camera

Speed cameras in Lichfield and Burntwood could be removed if there is a fall in the number of speeding convictions they lead to.

New figures from Staffordshire County Council reveal that the county’s speed cameras are bringing in only half as many convictions for speeding as they did a decade ago.

And the revelation has already seen them remove a camera in Silverdale – with the potential of more to follow.

Over the last two years the number of tickets issued to speeding motorists from speed cameras has halved from more than 7,000 to 3,500.

Staffordshire’s cabinet member for highways Mike Maryon said: “Cameras are just a small part of a much wider approach to driving home the road safety message. Campaigns, engineering solutions, education and training are all part of the mix.

“It’s very pleasing that drivers appear to be getting the message. Speed cameras are working and slowing drivers down at the most dangerous locations.

“When it comes to speed cameras, we only use them where there is a proven serious problem, and we will remove them if they are no longer needed.”

The council also moved to reassure drivers that speed cameras were not in place to create revenue for the authority.

Cllr Maryon added:

“Those who claim they are there to make money are simply looking for an excuse for their dangerous driving. We would be delighted if no-one was caught speeding – then we could take them all out.

“But it’s more deep seated than that. All the campaigning and education, training and awareness raising is getting through. We win award after award for innovation and creativity.

“Staffordshire is safer than other counties. It’s official. But every death and injury is still a tragedy that could have been avoided. We have to keep on driving home the message that speeding can kill, and that drivers have a duty of care to the communities they drive through.”

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