Lichfield residents are being warned about bogus callers after men posing as council employees and offering tree maintenance services targeted a home in the area. Lichfield District Council was alerted about the workmen and confirmed that they were not their employees. Gareth Hare, Arboricultural Officer for Lichfield District Council, added:
“A Shenstone resident recently opened his front door to two men, who said they were from the council. They told him that work needed to be done to a tree in his garden, as it posed a risk to public safety. The men offered to do the work there and then for a cash payment, which he agreed to pay. “However, we understand that the men left with the money, after doing very little work to the tree.”
Mr Hare added that people should do the relevant checks on workmen calling at the door. He said:
“We would advise all residents to be extra cautious and carry out proper checks on anyone that calls door to door, offering work for cash in hand. We’d also encourage locals to get three quotes for any work, and that they make sure that the work is necessary in the first place, by speaking to more than one contractor. “In the case of tree maintenance services, it is also advisable to check with the council that the work is permitted and that the company you’re planning to use is qualified and insured to carry out the work. If you don’t, you could end up damaging a protected tree, or pay over the odds for the work.”
For more advice, and to see a list of approved tree surgeon companies, visit Council arboricultural officers do visit properties across the district to check on the health of the district’s trees. They always carry a council identification card, but if in any doubt their details can be confirmed by calling Sandra Vaughan on 01543 308198.


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