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MP Michael Fabricant has called for careful consideration of plans to build a 125 metre high wind turbine in Lichfield. The plans have been submitted by Severn Trent Water for a turbine to be sited in their Sewage Treatment Works in Curborough. But with the company’s suggestion that a 126.25 metre high structure could be erected, the turbine would stand almost 50 metres taller than Lichfield Cathedral’s main spire. And Mr Fabricant has called for all factors to be taken into consideration when Severn Trent’s application is decided. He continued:
“While I do not wish to comment on this particular application as I haven’t seen detailed plans, any wind farm – or even single windmill – must be appropriate for the environment in which it is placed. “Curborough is very close to Lichfield so the height and shape of the windmill must be taken into consideration by the District Council. And no doubt close neighbours may wish to make representations to the Council too.”
Residents can have their say on the proposals on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.


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2 replies on “Lichfield MP calls for careful consideration of wind turbine plan”

  1. Following on from the comments of the other 125ft windmill article – I have come up with a new unit of measurement..

    the “Nimby Stick”.

    Its similar to a yard stick (or fangled new metre stick). Except its standard length is variable according to the illustrative requirements of the nimby group at the time.

    I suggest regarding this particular planning issue a nimby stick of approximatly one third the hieght of the main cathedral spires.
    This would mean the windmill has a hieght of around 5 nimby sticks ! ! !

    In other plans of a less grand scale, i suggest a a “nimby stick” of approximatly the length of a typical back yard – so that storage of these “nimby sticks” does not become a problem.

  2. I have read the very long submission by Severn Trent and they have addressed in great detail many different factors on how this will affect the neighbouring housheolds and the landscape- I suggest Mr Fabricant does the same before he makes any critisim of the application. This is an issue we have to look at seriously and I beleive that severn trent have put forward a very good case

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