Merry Christmas from The Lichfield Blog team
The team behind The Lichfield Blog would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. And in doing so, we thought we would jot down our thoughts at this most festive (!) time of the year… From Ross, founder of The Lichfield Blog:
As the first Christmas arrives for this site, it seems a fitting time to pass on our thanks and gratitude to all of those who have supported us during the last 11 months. Some readers have been with us since the very beginning (hello Alex!) and others have joined the strange old community that is this site since then. And without those people who read, contribute to and even moan about The Lichfield Blog, well there simply wouldn’t be The Lichfield Blog to talk about. But I do want to say a special thanks to those who contribute ideas for posts or even complete posts – not only are you preventing my fingers from becoming stumps very quickly, but you’re also helping to shape and create this site. And the fact that you all do it for nothing more than goodwill and the occasional begging email from me proves that Lichfield is still a community, no matter what is often said to the contrary. I really hope that 2010 is half as successful for this site as 2009 was and I hope that everyone involved gets everything they want from Santa (apart from the bloke who keeps parking his car opposite the junction to my road – I really hope Santa brings you lumps of coal, preferably deposited from a great height by the sackload on your bonnet!). Ho, ho, ho-pe you all have a good one.
From Phil, the one who makes sure Ross hasn’t unplugged the site in the night and our all-round voice of reason:
I knew The Lichfield Blog would go places as soon as I got involved, but I never knew it would become such a big part of everyday life or make the impact that it has on a national stage. It’s all thanks to the contributions that have been volunteered over the past year. I’ve made new friends and colleagues over the last year and I hope that will continue. There’s much more to come though and year two will be even more exciting! Thanks to everyone who’s been involved. Oh, and what Paul said (see below).
From Nick, the Blog’s roving photographer and co-director:
I’d like to say many thanks to all our readers and contributors for such an amazing year on the site. We’ve come from a long way since we launched in early 2009 – and I hope you’ll all stick with us throughout 2010 and beyond. I’m very proud of all the hard work that has been put in to make the site what it is today, and hopefully you enjoy reading the Blog as much as we enjoy making it. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, and a very happy 2010.
From our very own old father time and founding member, Paul:
A very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2010 to one and all…apart from the school run parents who make Beacon Street-Cathedral Close a daily (and dangerous) nightmare for pedestrians; bus drivers who complain about speed humps but never stick to the 20mph limit; people who stand in doorways and hold conversations then get uppity when you try to get by; impatient old people in Post Office/supermarket/traffic queues (its happening, get over it!); feckless youth; London Midland; and whoever keeps putting empty lager cans in our hedge.
So there you have it. That’s Christmas from us. Enjoy the tinsel, turkey and family arguments. See you on December 26!


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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