A man has been fined for failing to clean up after his dog at Chasewater Country Park.

Steven Bishop, of Danby Drive, Cannock pleaded guilty at Tamworth Magistrates Court on January 26.

The court fined Mr Bishop £115 and ordered him to pay costs of £450 and a victim surcharge of £15 – a total of £580 – for the offence, which took place on June 27.

Councillor Ian Pritchard, Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, Health and Environmental Protection, said:

“This successful prosecution sends a clear message to dog walkers that we do not tolerate anyone who does not clean up after their dogs. We will continue to take a hard line on this and hope it will make the district cleaner and better for everyone.

“To help us to monitor dog fouling hot spots, if you see a dog walker not cleaning up after their dog, please take a note of the time, place and appearance of the person and their dog, and report the information to our team at www.lichfielddc.gov.uk/reportit or call the council on 01543 308725.”

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2 replies on “Man fined for failing to clean up dog mess at Chasewater”

  1. The sooner all dogs are DNA tested the better, catch these dirty dog owner, especially those who take their dogs out after dark, dirty people.

  2. Good to see our council tax being spent so effectively on all the important things!

    No wonder council tax is constantly rising, and the number of civil servants has risen by a million over the last decade!

    Time to get rid of them, cut the public debt and get on with things!

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