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A gritter
Staffordshire County Council has admitted that only A and B roads in Lichfield will be gritted as the nationwide salt shortage continues to impact on operations. Temperatures are expected to fall below freezing during the weekend, leading to fears that a heavy frost mixed with rain could lead to ice forming on the region’s roads. The UK’s supplies of salt for gritting were severely hit during the recent cold snap, forcing the County Council to reduce the number of routes covered by their highways teams. Staffordshire’s cabinet member for highways, Mike Maryon, admitted that returning to a normal gritting programme could lead to a reduction in the amount of salt they recieve in future. He explained:
”We need to remind people that there is still a national salt shortage and that we are still having to continue to run a reduced salting route. So we are salting A and B routes only. “We have sufficient salt stocks to keep going on this basis, but the Government’s salt cell co-ordination operation has made it clear that those councils who go beyond A and B routes will be seen as profligate and will have their supplies reduced. We can’t take this risk. “That’s why we would ask people to be careful and not to expect the impossible. Public understanding and support continues to help our chaps deliver the best possible service in the circumstances.”


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